Tag Settings

The template grouping feature allows templates to be grouped according to type. This in turn decreases the time spent searching for a template. The tag settings page allows the creation of new tags, over and above the defaults provided, into which templates can be assigned.

Adding a new tag: Adding a new tag creates a top level entry in which templates can be placed. To add a new tag, click and enter the tag name you wish to use. Click on the save button and the new entry will appear in the tag list.

Adding a sub tag: The main tags displayed can have templates assigned to them. However sub tags can be added to the main tag groups. To add a sub tag, click on the tag that you would like to add a sub tag to. The tag settings will appear on the right of the page. Click the button beside the tag name, highlighted in grey. A text box will appear, enter the sub tag name and click the plus button. The sub tag will be added to the tag.

Editing a sub tag name: Select the tag to show the sub tag for the selected entry. Click on the edit button and a text box will appear in which you can edit the tag name.

Removing a tag: To remove a tag or sub-tag; select the appropriate tag or sub-tag, click on the button. A prompt will appear asking for confirmation to delete the item.