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Interview Help

The information you need to create a document is collected through an interview. This interview will ask questions that should be answered in order to complete the required information to compile a document.

Structurally, the interview page contains three key areas: The dialog pane, the interview outline pane and the taskbar.

Interview Outline: The interview outline shows a list of dialogs (grouped questions) that are available for data input. Selecting any of the available dialogs will show the particular question associated with it.

Interview outline

Dialog Pane: The dialog pane displays the specific questions to answer. There are various types of questions that ask for various answer formats such as text, number, multiple choices, dates and repeated values. Once the questions have been answered in a dialog, you can navigate through the dialogs by using the previous and next page buttons or by selecting a dialog in the interview outline.

Answering the questions:

  • Text fields - Type your answer in the text field provided.

  • Check boxes or option buttons - Either select the check box using the mouse, or press the space bar.

  • Dates - Click Date picker for date questions and choose a date from a calendar. You can also enter the letter T for today's date or enter a date in any of the following formats: 6/3/90, 06/03/1990, June 3, 1990, 3 June 1990, and so forth.

  • Repeated Answers - Answer all the questions in a dialog, and then click the Add Another button to add another repetition of the dialog to the series. The repetition number next to the dialog icon increases each time you enter a new set of answers.

The Taskbar

Viewing the document preview: Throughout the interview process you may wish to see a preview of the document that would be generated from the current interview. To do this, click Document preview button . This will open a page displaying a preview of the document including the current answers that have been entered in to the interview. The Back to Interview button will return you to the interview.

Viewing the answer summary: Throughout the interview process you may wish to see an overview of the answers in the current interview. To do this, click Answer summary button . This will open a page displaying a list of the current answers with the ability to print them. The Back to Interview button will return you to the interview.

Saving the answers: Click Save answers button , this saves your current answers so you can return to your interview at a later point. When HotDocs has saved the answer file a message appears in the interview window. To continue filling in the interview click Back to Interview.

Submitting the answers: When you have finished answering the questions in the interview you can submit your answers and complete the interview process by either clicking Submit interview button or by clicking the Next Page button on the last dialog of the interview. This will process the answers and build the required document.

Document Warnings:

If you try to open a document that is currently being edited by another user you will see the following warning. If you continue and open the interview you should be aware that any changes you make to the answers may conflict with changes the other user is making.

Document currently being edited warning

If you submit an interview without answering some of the questions you will see the warning Some necessary information appears to be missing to view a list of the unanswered questions click View.

Document currently being edited warning