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Edit Document Help

The Document Edit page displays the details of the selected document. The document title can be changed by editing the Title field and the user, to whom the document belongs, can be altered by selecting a different user from the Primary Contact selection box. A Notes text field for entering document notes is given on the right alongside a Document History arrow. Clicking the arrow displays a history of the document detailing all the Activities performed on the document, When they occurred and the User who performed them. The following further options are accesed from the taskbar:

Go to the interview: In order to populate the document with data, the interview questions must be answered. To open the interview to input the relevant document information, click View interview button in the taskbar. This will open the Interview.

Request a client interview: If the Client Interview feature is enabled for your company and you have selected a client for the document, you will be able to request a client interview. To have Document Services send an email to the client requesting that they fill in an interview, click Client interview button

The Client Interview request input appears in the right hand panel. You have the option to edit the client details and the email before it is sent. By clicking on Select an existing recipient you can select from a list of previous recipients. You can also allow the client to download the finished document by checking the box next to Allow client to download finished interview. Once you are happy with the details and the email content click Send at the top of the panel. To view Documents waiting for client interview select this option at the Documents tab.

Answer Management: Clicking Download Answer Management button will give you the option to either download a HotDocs answer file or link this document to an answer file.

Downloading a HotDocs Answer File: You can use this answer file to upload answers to another document or with other HotDocs products to pre-populate interview answers when creating a document.

Link this Document to an Answer File: If you have previously uploaded answer files on your Document Services site, they will appear in the left hand pane under the heading Select an Answer Source. You can then choose the answer file you want to link to this document.

For more information on Answer Management see Answer Management. Administrators only.

Completing a document: When an interview is finished, either by a User or through a Client Interview, you can mark the document as complete by selecting Archive document button. This will close the document for editing and will change the status of the document to ‘closed’.

Status of a document: If a document has the status of ‘Open’, the answers can be edited in the interview. If a document is ‘Archived’ the document must be re-opened in order to edit any answer in an interview. This can be achieved by clicking Reopen document button in the taskbar.

Deleting a document: You can delete a document by clicking Delete document button in the taskbar. This will remove the document from your Document Services site.

Adding a Template: You can add a template by clicking Add template button in the taskbar. The new template is added to the template list for this document and you are now able to assemble it directly from the interview.

Downloading a completed document: You can download certain documents from the document details page. To do this, click Download document button in template options.

Further document options can be accessed from within the Interview.

For information on the Permissions drop down button button see Permissions Help