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Answer Management Help

The Answer Management page allows administrators to view a list of the available answer files. You can access this page from the Documents Tab. You can upload a new answer file by clicking Upload Answer File above the list. You are then given the option to browse for the answer file you require.

Answer management table

To edit an uploaded answer source click Edit answer source. From here you can change the title and description of the answer source and choose to allow overwriting. Also available is the option to link this answer source to a template or document.

Answer management edit

To delete an answer file click Delete answer source.

If a template developer has added one of the following command switches to a template that has been uploaded to Document Services, then it will be honoured in the following ways.

Answer File Switch (/af)

Using the answer file switch the template developer can designate a named answer file will be used to populate an interview.

When the interview has been completed an answer file will be saved into the Answer Management list in Document Services with the name set in the switch.

Any time the /af switch is used for a named answer file, interviews are capable of updating the answer files so that all interview sessions use the most up to date version of the answer set.

To protect against accidental overwriting, an answer file can be marked as read-only in the answer management page by administrators.

Overlay Answers (/ov)

Using the overlay answer file switch allows an interview session to begin with one or more set of named answers. This allows read-only access to shared data.