Client Details Page Help

The Client Details page gives an overview of the selected client. It allows for the editing of client details, the addition of a client user and an overview of the documents relating to the user. These documents can be opened by clicking on the relevant description.



Edit the client’s details: This can be achieved by directly typing or selecting the relevant details into the corresponding field. Once changes have been made, click the Save button to commit those changes.

Adding Recipients: The Recipients are used in conjunction with the Client Interview feature. Create a new recipient by clicking. The recipient is the contact who can receive the Client Interview emails and will fill them out. Once a recipient has been added their name and email information may be edited by clicking . Recipient may also be deleted by clicking on the . More information on Client Interview.

Create a new document: Create a new document for the selected client by clicking .

Deleting a client: A client can be removed from the application by clicking .

For information on the button see Permissions Help